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Responsible Tourism in Bilbao and the Basque Country
   Kaixo!,I am Joseba, a young euskaldun (Basque speaking person, often wrongly translated as ´Basque´), born and raised in Bilbao. I am an official tour guide in the Basque region and my aim is to take you closer to our beautiful land and culture. My career began as an environmental technician. However, 7 years ago I decide to move to Berlin where I found a job that suited my skills and preferences: guiding people on their journeys. Since then, I’ve lived in four countries and guided hundreds of travellers in different parts of the world, until I decided to come back to my beloved Bilbao, three years ago.
As a guide, I am really proactive, serious and passionate. I am constantly trying to improve my skills and knowledge, and I am always curious about history, folklore and different cultural aspects of society. All my tours can be given in the five languages I am fluent in: Basque, Spanish, English, German and Italian.

With all this experience, I want to invite you to discover the Basque Country from close, getting in touch with the local people, their customs and culture, as well as the enchanted nature surrounding our city.

I would like to introduce you the project of my life:



Bilbao Green Tours

 But just as I am interested in the natural processes that shape our landscapes, no less important for me are the historical processes that have shaped our societies. That is why I invite you to come with me to discover the history of our people, their traditions and customs the same way that I like it when I visit other places on earth: entering in direct contact with the local community. We have all had some uncomfortable situations in our travels, in which we have felt like an extra-terrestrial. In Bilbao Green Tours, we step off the beaten track, to guarantee local and authentic experiences, following a very simple formula: make you feel part of our community, in the same way that we like it when we visit other places.

Our commitment

Local experiences

  We select carefully our partners, all of them are committed to quality and local tradition and products  

Zero Emissions

Our commitment to the planet is clear, all our services are carried out with non-polluting means of transport

Heritage conservation

Value and interpretation of the natural, cultural and historical heritage to contribute to its conservation

 At Bilbao Green Tours, we like taking it easy, both when it comes to designing the tours and conducting them. We offer personalized experiences, taking into account the interests of our clients. We encourage you to discover the vast amount of incredible secrets that our province hides! Are you coming with us? Tell us your concerns, what brings you to Bilbao and we will take our time to plan so that your visit is unbeatable.

We offer various thematic visits to suit all interests. An offer of an option to give a Green, touch to your visit is too available. We offer you the possibility of a break during your visit to enjoy a Km.0 snack (Vegan options available), and enjoy the delicious treats offered by our land.

The Green Experiences ,are ideal for groups and families, especially those travelling with children. Our activities are carried out in full contact with nature and in a didactic way: we always convey the importance of strengthening ecological values, fundamental to maintain that nature that we enjoy so much.
We invite you to meet us. Check our website, where you will find many tips and links for your stay in Bizkaia to be as Green and pleasant as possible. If you have something to share with us, some project, suggestion or doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us.